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[X3TC]What's a good place for the HQ? : X3TC
    Missile complex in Ore Belt, Capital ship weapons in Legend's Home itself, a whatever-weapons-I-want complex in Mines of Fortune. Terran weapons from Asteroid Belt, and a basic complex(SPP, crystal fabs, selling some terran MREs on the side) that I'm still figuring out what to do with, in Pluto.

X3TC complex building tips : X3TC - reddit
    Then connect the two complex hubs together. Pick the complex cub that you wish to keep first, click the new complex's hub second, and you should retain the first complex hub on your newly connected supercomplex. Sometimes when you're just building a complex for the first time you have to be creative with it that way too.

Roguey's X3TC site
    The X3TC and X3AP sites were changed over, but the X2 and X3 sites werent. Those two sites still relied on the old method, the database. So just recently ive been working on X2 and X3 sites, making them use in-game files too. They both had their own challenges, X2 being very old and X3 require more sections (lasers, missiles, shields, wares, etc.).

Search stations where you can buy ware / X3 Terran ...
    Search stations where you can buy ware / X3 Terran Conflict (X3TC) X3TC: X3 Terran conflict / Weapons properties : X3 Terran Conflict. X Games Forum; ... Heavy Weapons Complex alpha: The Vault: 662 123 Flak Artillery Array +6: Heavy Weapons Complex alpha ... Heavy Weapons Complex alpha: PTNI Headquarters: 662 123 Teladi Flak Artillery Array ...

HQ Complex - X-resource
    HQ Complex - calculations and supply techniques Introduction How much resource? Limit the wares on HQ Transport the wares to HQ Sample Complex Introduction: This site explains how to plan a complex to supply your HQ non-stop. The numbers on this site is based on the patch 2.0.02, which requires only the half amount of microchips than in 2.0.01.

[X3TC Bonus Plugin] Commercial Agent (CAG) -
    Headquarters: If the Commercial Agent is working for the Player HQ, space is reserved in the HQ for a cargo hold full of each ware. The Agent may be configured to use a differently sized space in the HQ. Station Lock: Any station can be set as off-limits to the Commercial Agents.

EGOSOFT · Support · FAQs · FAQ: Read answer
    a food/crystal fab/SPP complex with a hub (hub B) at 15km,0km,0km; a silicon mine complex with a hub (hub C) at 30km,0km,0km. These complexes could be linked into a single large complex as follows: Link hub B to hub A. This will link the ore mines and SPP complex into a single complex with a hub at 15,0,0. Link hub B to hub C.

Contact Us - Complex
    Do you have a question, comment, concern, suggestion or news tip to pass along to Complex? Find out how to contact us right via email, phone and more.

Good Factory Locations - X3: Terran Conflict
    It sells well I guess, but if you want to build one there, go for a large factory, as it will become more useful later on. I also have a wheatfarm there, a mosquito missle/1mj shield complex, a self-sufficient microchip/HEPT complex and a simple massom mill complex (there are 3 …

Best HQ Sector :: X3: Albion Prelude General Discussions
    Jun 28, 2013 · So which sector do you guys like to put your player HQ in? Personally I like Contorted Dominion. There are 3 all-ship shipyards within 3 sectors in any direction and tons of military hardware producing factories, military outposts and equipment docks withing the same distance, as well as Atreus, Strong Arms and Dukes (if you're friendly with them) and you can just use the hub to link it to ...

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