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Abnegation Divergent Lexicon
    Abnegation Sector, Abnegation Headquarters, Office inside Abnegation HQ, Room B13, Safe House Basement, Street in Abnegation Sector, and Tris’s House

Places Divergent Lexicon
    Abnegation Headquarters; Abnegation Sector; Amity Sector; Aptitude Testing Room; Arena; Bottom of the Chasm; the Bus; School Cafeteria; the Carousel at Navy Pier; the Chasm; Choosing Ceremony Room; Dauntless Control Room; Dauntless Headquarters; Dining Hall; Drinking Fountain; Erudite Sector; Factionless Sector; Fear Landscape; the Fence; the ...

Where is divergent setting? ·
    Apr 30, 2021 · Where is divergent setting? Chicago What are the places in divergent? Click Here to See All Places in a List Abnegation Headquarters. Abnegation Sector. Amity Sector. Aptitude Testing Room. Arena. Bottom of the Chasm. the Bus. School Cafeteria. What year does the book divergent take place? 2301 Is Divergent a book? Divergent2011 Why is divergent …

Divergent: Chapters 34 – 36 SparkNotes
    Summary: Chapter 34. A soldier takes Tobias and Tris, who is bleeding profusely, to Jeanine’s hideout at Abnegation headquarters. An Erudite leader in the room refers to Tobias and Tris as “Divergent rebels,” and Jeanine notes that she was suspicious of Tris all along, though she failed to …

Divergent Chapters 33 34 Summary Course Hero
    Dauntless soldiers take Tobias and Tris to Abnegation headquarters, where Jeanine has taken over and set up her office. Jeanine is on the phone ordering Dauntless soldiers to be sent back to Dauntless headquarters to guard something that she calls "the most important part."

One Choice Can Transform You - reddit
    This is Abnegation Headquarters, where most government affairs take place. Nearby the building are the Abnegation houses. They’re simple, gray and unassuming, like everything else in the Abnegation Sector. The mailboxes are dull and crabgrass sprawls along the yards. This area of the city has cracked and patchy roads.

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