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Headquarters Agreements – EUCLID (Euclid University ...
    Headquarters Agreements. Under the terms of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of 1986, the definition of “treaty” is expanded from the 1969 definition (only between States) to include legally binding agreements between States and international organizations, as well as between international organizations. The most classic example of a “treaty” between an international …

Headquarters Agreements definition - Law Insider
    Headquarters Agreements means the “New Lease” (as defined in the Headquarters Lease Term Sheet) and the “Sublease” (as defined in the Headquarters Lease Term Sheet).

What Is A Headquarters Agreement Art Designs
    Headquarters agreements are presented for information to the United Nations Treaty Division, but are not always published in the UNTS catalogue. Insurance contracts signed by the Agency as part of its official activities are exempt from the special tax on insurance contracts.

The Necessity of Headquarters Agreement under the Law of ...
    Through headquarters agreement, the host governments will seek to protect and promote its political position as a globally attractive location for international organisations. Headquarters agreement, covers two broad areas: firstly, the observance a host country,

Implementation of the Headquarters Agreement UNFCCC
    The SBI last considered the implementation of the Headquarters Agreement at its forty-second session (June 2015, Bonn, Germany). It acknowledged the special efforts and investments by both the Host Government and the host city of Bonn to provide adequate conference facilities to the Parties and office accommodation to the secretariat. It encouraged the Host Government to continue to provide support …

United Nations Headquarters Agreement
    UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS AGREEMENT The United Nations Headquarters Agreement was negotiated with the United States by the Secretary-General under authority of a General Assembly resolution.' It was signed on 26 June 1947 and submitted by the Secretary-General to the General Assembly.2 The Agreement was referred

Headquarters Agreements and the Law of International ...
    Jan 01, 2012 · Headquarters Agreements and the Law of International Organizations In: Coexistence, Cooperation and Solidarity (2 vols.) ... State Debt Crisis, Private Creditors, and the IMF Articles of Agreement. Reality or Aspiration?–Solidarity in International Environmental and World Trade Law.Author: Thomas A. Mensah

    In this agreement: (a) The expression "headquarters district" means: (1) the area defined as such in Annex 1; (2) any other lands or buildings which may from time to time be included therein by...File Size: 264KB

Agreement between the Swiss Federal Council and the Bank ...
    Headquarters Agreement with Switzerland 35 Agreement between the Swiss Federal Council and the Bank for International Settlements to determine the Bank’s legal status in Switzerland. 1 (of 10 February 1987; text as amended effective 1 January 2003 by the exchange of letters of 18 December 2002/13 January 2003) 2. The Swiss Federal CouncilFile Size: 133KB

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