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Vileshark HQ Eden Eternal Wiki Fandom
    Vileshark HQ is located in the North western corner of Beluga Bay. Players must be between Levels 25 to 29 to complete this in a party or of any level to solo. Normal Monsters [edit edit source] Please feel free to contribute. Bosses [edit edit source] Axe-Moss; Kedar; Charles; Quests [edit edit source] Please feel free to contribute. Drops [edit edit source]

Eden Eternal OST: Vileshark Headquarters - YouTube
    Dec 07, 2014 · Cuartel General de los Tiburcios.BGM 024.

Eden Eternal - Vileshark HQ (Dungeon) - YouTube
    Jan 14, 2012 · Pick-Up-Group for Vileshark HQ

[EN] Eden Eternal - DOD: Vileshark HQ (Duo) - YouTube
    Nov 12, 2015 · Eden Eternal - Heroic Trial Vileshark Headquarters - Bosses - Duration: 8:12. CherryMXVids 6,506 views. ... Eden Eternal DoD Run 1 And 2 - Duration: 13:22. Conkaaz 3,020 views.

Eden Eternal - Vileshark HQ Trial - YouTube
    IGN: LostArrowHelloww this is a video of Vileshark HQ Trial (8 Player Dungeon/trial Mode) Hope you enjoy it x)Best party ever~!

Beluga Bay Eden Eternal Wiki Fandom
    Vileshark HQ. Completing the "Harbor Affairs" quests awards the Harbor Worker For a Day achievement. Completing the "Deadly Love" quests awards the Secret Therapy achievement and the Eternal Youth title (LCK +9). Completing the "Morticora" quests awards the Crusading the Imp Tribe achievement and the Better than Ahab title (AGI +13).

Eden Eternal Heroic Trials FAQ GuideScroll
    Jun 29, 2011 · Trial: Vileshark HQ – 8-Player. The player should first be part of a raid. Players wanting to join the dungeon need to be at least lvl 50. Players joining need to have already completed the main quest line “Vileshark Headquarters” in Beluga Bay. Are …

DoD Info - Dungeon Guides - Eden Eternal
    Jul 26, 2018 · 1. Vileshark Headquarters. Axe-Moss - elemental weakness: ice / lightning (< watch out for random REF Skill!) Kedar - elemental weakness: fire / lightning. Charles - elemental weaknesses: fire / ice. One-Eye-Roger - elemental weakness: fire / lightning. 2. Branda Root. Null Hearts - Boss can only be broken using Slash, Pierce and Strike

Vileshark Killer's Heart Eden Eternal Wiki Fandom
    Vileshark Killer's Heart: Item: Quest Item The Vileshark Killer's heart. It still seems to beat in your hand, growling faintly with every quivering pump. Garrison Scout Rothy needs it. ... Eden Eternal Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site ...

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