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Heart of Darkness - CliffsNotes
    The Company, like its headquarters, is a similar "whited sepulcher," proclaiming its duty to bring "civilization" and "light" to Africa in the name of Christian charity, but really raping the land and its people in the name of profit and the lust for power.

Heart of Darkness: Part 1, Section 2 SparkNotes
    Heart of Darkness has been attacked by critics as misogynistic, and there is some justification for this point of view. Marlow’s aunt does express a naïvely idealistic view of the Company’s mission, and Marlow is thus right to fault her for being “out of touch with truth.”

Heart of Darkness: Key Facts SparkNotes
    Setting (place) Opens on the Thames River outside London, where Marlow is telling the story that makes up Heart of Darkness. Events of the story take place in Brussels, at the Company’s offices, and in the Congo, then a Belgian territory. Protagonist Marlow

What does the "company" in the Heart of Darkness symbolize ...
    Dec 01, 2019 · The company in this novel is the root of evil—it is the dark stain that corrupts the hearts of the men in the novel as well as ravaging the unspoiled lands of Africa.

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