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Gift of Choice
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Your recipient is always happy with their own gift selection. No Minimums: You can order the exact quantity you need. 17 Plateau Price Levels from $25 to $5,000: Fits every budget. Totally Turn-Key: Saves you time and effort.

Rewards People Choose
    •Recognition for any business occasions •Today’s latest brand assortment •The gift of their choice •100% satisfaction guarantee •17 different plateau price levels •Three times more memorable! – LEARN MORE –

Spot Recognition
    The recipient gets to choose one gift from hundreds of brand-name options in the level you selected to give. • 17 gift levels to fit any budget starting as low as $25 • Each gift level includes shipping and handling of the selected gift to any location in the contiguous 48 states • All the presentation materials you need to recognize someone On-The-Spot are included • Choose from 7 stock presentation …

Rewards People Choose
    Choose a Gift Level That Fits Your Budget We offer 17 gift levels from $25 to $5,000. Levels are fi ed with exciting, brand-name products which are arranged by popu ar lifestyle categories such as: electronics, housewares, sporting goods, hardware, and jewelry. All collections include shipping and handling to any location in the contiguous 48 states.

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    We offer 17 gift level options, from $25 to $5,000, and your recipients never see prices. Each gift level is filled with exciting brand name gifts to fit any lifestyle. In addition to the print catalog, your recipient will also have access to the expanded gift collection which is available online.

Fundraising Strategy: The Gift Range Chart [With Templates ...
    Gift size. You should aim for your lead gift to comprise between 15% and 25% of your fundraising goal. Altogether, expect around 80% of your goal to be given by just 20% of donors. Build downwards. When setting your gift levels, cut the gift size in half and double/triple the number of donors at each level. Keep campaign style in mind.

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    Welcome to the Gift Headquarters Redemption Website. To begin reviewing your gift options and select your gift, please enter your Gift Redemption Number, only the numeric values, in the boxes below: If you need any assistance when placing your order, our Customer Service Team is at your service. Call 800-328-5636, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m ...

Create a Gift Range Chart for Your Fundraising Campaign
    Apr 14, 2020 · The lead gift should be at least 15% and maybe up to 25% or more of the goal. Build the chart downwards by cutting the gift size in half and doubling or tripling the number of donors at each level. Round the donation levels up or down to avoid weird numbers. Roughly 80% of your goal will come from 20% of your donors.

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