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Eden Group - NovaRO: Wiki
    Mar 17, 2021 · This page contains detailed information about the Eden Group. In NovaRO, players can reach the Eden Group Headquarters by typing the command: @go Eden or @go 36 . You can use the @edenquest command at any moment to guide you through the Eden quests. It will give indications on what you have to do next.Bard: Eden Group Bow III, Eden Group Guitar I

Eden Group - JellyRO Wiki
    To access the Eden Group Headquarters, simply speak to an Eden Teleport Officer. You'll find them located in various parts of every city. Prontera (/navi prontera 124/76) Alberta (/navi alberta 124/67)

Eden Group (Loki) - RebirthRO Wiki
    Eden group provides an alternative method for leveling while getting oneself familiarized with custom elements of Loki server. Location. To access the Eden Group Headquarters, Proceed to North part of Morroc, you shall find the headquarters loacted towards the east of Kafra employee (190,256). Alternatively, Eden Group could be accessed through Warpra.

Ragnarok Online - Updates - Eden Group NPC Update!
    Jan 10, 2012 · Eden Group Introduction. The Eden group is here to help! Some of you may have seen some newcomers to the streets of Rune Midgards, mysterious white haired novices with elven ears and light bulbs blinking above their heads. These helpful gals are representatives of the not so-mysterious Eden Group. For no charge, they will warp adventurers to the Eden Group headquarters, a useful …

Eden Group Equipments Quests - iRO Wiki
    Apr 26, 2021 · Talk to Instructor Ur behind the counter in the Eden Group Headquarters to start any of these training missions. Level 60 - 69. Quest & Rewards NPC 1. Find Dispatched Instructor Romeo at North Comodo comodo 174 354. 2. Hunt 3 Stalactic Golems 3. Report back to Romeo at Comodo, receive 10,000 base & job exp 4.Base Experience: Varies (See Tables)

[Quest] Eden Group - Ragnarok Online MSP News
    Oct 24, 2018 · How to Join Eden Group . Player must join Eden Group before doing quest by talking to Eden Teleport Officer where they will stand around Kafra Staff within the city or the place for changing job for class 1; When entering Eden Group, talking to Instructor Boya of Para (moc_para01,25,35) and Secretary Lime Evenor (moc_para01,27,35) in order for registering member.

Eden Group Mark :: Miscellaneous :: - RO Item
    Eden Group Mark - A mark that certifies a member of the Eden Group. It's made to be very portable....

Paradise Group - Ragnarök Wiki
    Oct 17, 2019 · The Paradise Group is guild-like community that aims to help those in Rune-Midgarts who are in distress. They compile missions and post them in a secret headquarter for group members who seek to help others. The group also distributes special gear to group members in order to help them complete their tasks. On iRO, this organization is localized as Eden Group. 1 Group Members 1.1 …

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