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World Cup 2018 Coach and Manager Applications

Quidditch Australia are now taking applications for the manager and coach positions of our World Cup team in 2018. Below you’ll find the application criteria for each position as well as a brief description of their expected parameters. Be advised that the positions will be filled by separate people. Applications may be sent to [email protected]

Applications close April 17


Job Description

The Coach will be the overall leader of the World Cup team and will be a non-playing position. The coach will be expected to be responsible for (either directly or through delegation) the following duties: read more

Dropbears win the 2016 Quidditch World Cup


We did it! The Dropbears get gold at the 2016 IQA Quidditch World Cup taking out America 150*-130 in the United States first ever loss.

Over the last year, coach Gen Gibson has worked this team from the ground up with the express purpose of taking on the best team in the world.

Today we showed the world our strength and determination, but more importantly our love for this sport and community.

Photo by Nicholas Hirst

QAI discusses the Dropbears team with the reserves

The Australian Dropbears had five reserves who all attended the training camps with the team, including Leslie Fox who has already joined the team, following Tash Keehan’s injury. The other four; Carolyn Themel, now team manager, Oscar Cozens, Nicola Gerter, and Samantha Chittenden; having trained as part of the team, have great insight into their inner workings.

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QAI talks to coach Genevieve Gibson about the Dropbears world cup campaign

Genevieve Gibson was chosen as coach of the Australian Dropbears late last year, taking on the role of helping to manage the team, organise training camps, and plan the quest for gold in Germany. The introduction of the training camps has been especially helpful, helping to change the dropbears from a group of individual players to a team.

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Logan Davis to represent Australia as Head Referree at World Cup

Quidditch Australia is proud to announce that Logan Davis has been chosen as the Australian head referee delegate to the IQA. Davis is proud to represent Australia at the World Cup in Frankfurt this July, with both an impressive referee and playing career behind him.

Davis currently plays for the ANU Owls, where he made his player debut in early 2015. He refereed his first game at NSW September Triwiz, demonstrating a keen awareness for rules and dedication to fairness, as well as an impeccable command of the pitch. He went on to referee the grand final at the Australian Quidditch championship later that year, where he cemented his position as one of the best referees in the country. read more

Dropbears reserve Leslie Fox added to Team Australia

We are saddened to announce that due to illness Tash Keehan from the Australian Dropbears will be unable to play at the Quidditch World Cup. We wish her a swift and full recovery.

Replacing Tash on the Australian Dropbears is Leslie Fox. Leslie has shown consistent dedication to the team as a reserve throughout the year. We are excited to see the strengths that Leslie will bring to the team.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you the stories of our reserves who have been instrumental in lifting the Dropbears to ever increasing heights of gameplay. read more

The Australian Dropbears crowdfunding campaign

Australian Dropbears Team Announcement

Quidditch Australia is proud to announce the 2016 Dropbears team that will be representing Australia at the IQA World Cup, held in Frankfurt on the 23rd and 24th of July. Follow our Facebook page for updates leading up to the tournament including fundraising details and exclusive interviews.

Global Games Final Wrap & Merchandise Update

After a multi-week North American odyssey, at long last Australia’s quidditch heroes are mostly back home and safe.

Throughout July, our Drop Bears represented Australia with great distinction on their way to a sensational runner-up finish at the 2014 Global Games in Vancouver, BC, Canada on July 19.

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Support Team Australia 2014

Want to support Team Australia? Or maybe you just want to get your hands on one of our sexy jerseys. Head on down to our Indiegogo page for jerseys, headbands and other fun stuff!

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