Merryn Christian

TEN Sleeps To Go

Today we continue on with our Team Analysis series, brought to you by James Hosford and the states. Up now, New South Wales B!

Haven’t heard of some of these names right? Don’t worry, there’s a couple we don’t know and we play with and against them!

NSW B is back. The concept was inaugurated in 2016 before disappearing in 2017. It returns for 2018. Once again it has mutual benefit, filling our tournament numbers for QA while providing clear development pathways for NSW to test up and coming stars at the highest level. Add a sprinkling of sometimes undervalued veterans to lead this line-up and you have a curious mix with unlimited potential but many question marks. read more


This week we start our Team Analysis series, brought to you by the James Hosford and the state teams. Read carefully, because you’ll need all the relevant info for an exciting surprise coming in just a few days.

We start off with the NSW Blue Tongues A!

Mighty New South Wales! A state unquestionably at the heart of the Australian quidditch. And yet, without a state championship title. Can that change this time?

There is a continuity to the Blue Tongues’ squad between 2017 and 2018 which should serve it well. Athletic chaser superstars like Newton, Frison, Hague, Chittenden and Connell return, as do beaters like Derrick, Astalosh and Rennie who have helped with the state’s traditional bludging strength. Legends of the game like Andrew Culf and Dameon Osborn were not in Brisbane last year but were in Italy as Dropbears in 2018 alongside many of their team-mates and, crucially, key opponents. They all come together in 2018. read more

State and QUAFL Tournament Committee Announcement

Quidditch Australia is pleased to announce the tournament directors for the 2018 season.  

The Tournament Director for the 2018 State Shield will be Eleonora Leopardi, from Newcastle. read more

Dropbears Jersey Orders Open!

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Team Australia 2018 Reserves

Quidditch Australia is proud to announce the eight individuals who have been selected as reserves for Team Australia. These individuals will join the 21 Dropbears at all training camps and team events in the lead up to the 2018 IQA Quidditch World Cup in Florence this June.

Coming from all across Australia, these athletes will train with and support the team, and are a crucial part of Team Australia and Australia’s World Cup campaign. The reserve squad includes individuals from New South Wales (4), South Australia (1), Victoria (2), and Western Australia (1). Two of the reserves have previously represented Australia at an international level and one was a reserve for the previous World Cup; the remaining five would be making their international debut should they be called upon to replace any Dropbear that is injured, ill, or otherwise unable to compete.
read more

Team Australia 2018

Quidditch Australia is extremely proud and excited to announce the 21 individuals who have been selected to represent Australia at the 2018 IQA Quidditch World Cup. These athletes represent the best and brightest Australia has to offer and we wish them all the best in Florence.

Team Australia, known as the Dropbears, will be tasked with defending Australia’s title after they successfully defeated the USA in the Grand Final of the previous IQA World Cup in 2016, winning 150* – 130. The Dropbears consists of 21 athletes from 3 states, comprising 12 Victorians, 8 New South Welshmen, and 1 Queenslander. The team adheres to the IQA’s rules in terms of roster gender maximums.In total, 104 individuals applied to be on Team Australia, the successful individuals representing the culmination of months of selection. We are grateful to and thank our six selectors and coaching team for their roles in this decision. read more

Board of Directors for 2018

Quidditch Australia is pleased to announce the election of the following individuals to the board of directors, having been successfully elected at the 2017 Annual General Meeting:

Luke Derrick
Rhiannon Gordon
Lee Shu Ying

Following a meeting of the new board, the following portfolios have been assigned to the current directors:

Merryn Christian – Chairperson
Alise Fox – Treasurer
Rhiannon Gordon – Secretary
Luke Derrick – Gameplay
Lee Shu Ying – Membership

We wish the new directors luck in their roles and are certain they will do great things for Quidditch in the coming years. read more