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What is the plural of headquarters -
    The plural form of headquarters is also headquarters.

Headquarters Definition of Headquarters by Merriam-Webster
    noun, plural in form but singular or plural in construction Save Word head· quar· ters \ ˈhed-ˌkwȯ(r)-tərz , -ˌkȯr- , (ˈ)hed-ˈkwȯ(r) , -ˈkȯr- \

Headquarters, singular or plural? WordReference Forums
    Jun 25, 2019 · "Headquarters" when used for the main offices of a company is more commonly plural as in "The headquarters are in Paris". Headquarters to denote authority is frequently singular as is "Headquarters has said we must used less paper."

headquarters - Wiktionary
    Apr 01, 2021 · headquarters ( plural headquarters ) The military installation from which troops are commanded and orders are issued; the military unit consisting of a commander and his support staff. The center of an organization 's operations or administration . quotations . 2006, Edwin Black, chapter 1, in Internal Combustion ‎ [1]:

headquarters - Dictionary Definition :
    noun. (usually plural) the office that serves as the administrative center of an enterprise. “many companies have their headquarters in New York”. synonyms: central office, home base, home office, main office. see more. see less. types: mukataa. an Arabic word for headquarters …

The Grammarphobia Blog: Why not “one headquarter”?
    Feb 06, 2015 · Today, “headquarters” is a noun that’s plural in form but can be used with either a singular or a plural verb. As Pat writes in her grammar and usage book Woe Is I (4th ed., 2019), “headquarters” is one of those words, like “series” and “species,” that ends in “s” but can mean either one thing or more—a base or bases.

headquarters noun - Definition, pictures, pronunciation ...
    headquarters. noun. /ˌhedˈkwɔːtəz/. /ˈhedkwɔːrtərz/. [uncountable + singular or plural verb, countable] (plural headquarters) (abbreviation HQ) jump to other results. a place from which an organization or a military operation is controlled; the people who work there.

articles - "a headquarters" or just "headquarters ...
    Nov 18, 2015 · Now, can it take the indefinite article 'a'? Yes, it can. How? Because 'headquarters' can serve as singular and plural both. The company's headquarters is in Mumbai - is absolutely fine. So, in the given sentence, 'a coalition headquarters in Qatar' is fine. COCA shows several examples of 'a headquarters'. Yes, it's not incorrect.

Headquarters - definition of headquarters by The Free ...
    headquarters. ( ˌhɛdˈkwɔːtəz) pl n ( sometimes functioning as singular) 1. any centre or building from which operations are directed, as in the military, the police, etc. 2. (Military) a military formation comprising the commander, his staff, and supporting echelons. Abbreviations: HQ or h.q.

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