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Headquarters Definition of Headquarters by Merriam-Webster
    Definition of headquarters. 1 : a place from which a commander performs the functions of command. 2 : the administrative center of an enterprise.

Headquarters Definition of Headquarters at
    noun, plural head·quar·ters.(used with a singular or plural verb) a center of operations, as of the police or a business, from which orders are issued; the chief administrative office of an organization: The operatives were always in touch with headquarters. the offices or working location of a military commander; the place from which a commander customarily issues orders.

HEADQUARTERS meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    headquarters definition: 1. the main offices of an organization such as the army, the police, or a business company: 2. the…. Learn more.

Headquarters - definition of headquarters by The Free ...
    headquarters. ( ˌhɛdˈkwɔːtəz) pl n ( sometimes functioning as singular) 1. any centre or building from which operations are directed, as in the military, the police, etc. 2. (Military) a military formation comprising the commander, his staff, and supporting echelons. Abbreviations: HQ or h.q.

HEADQUARTERS definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    / ˌhedˈkwɔː.təz / plural headquarters (abbreviation HQ) B2 the main offices of an organization such as the army, the police, or a business company: The company's headquarters is/are in Amsterdam.

Corporate Headquarters Definition
    Jul 04, 2019 · A corporate headquarters (HQ) is a centralized office location where a company's management and key staff operate and oversee overall business activities. Corporate headquarters tend to be located...

What does Headquarters mean? - definitions
    Headquarters denotes the location where most, if not all, of the important functions of an organization are coordinated. In the United States, the corporate headquarters represents the entity at the center or the top of a corporation taking full responsibility managing all business activities.

Corporate Headquarters definition - Law Insider
    Corporate Headquarters means the location where corporate staff members or employees are domiciled and employed, and where the majority of the company's financial, personnel, legal, planning, or other business functions are handled either on a regional or national basis and must be the sole such corporate headquarters within the region or nation;

Binance and Coinbase Both Say They Have No Headquarters ...
    1 day ago · "Everybody's definition of a headquarters of a company is slightly different." Is it? I'd say the definition is not in dispute: It's the home base of a business, the address where it's legally registered. "This is all terminology definition issues. When most people think about a company, they think about a headquarters, an office, a bank ...

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