Australian Dropbears Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager and Selection Panel Applications now open!

Applications for the Head Coach, Assistant Coaches, Team Manager and Selection Panel members are now open, and will close at 11:59pm on June 23th 2019.

A full breakdown of the Head Coach, Assistant Coach/es, Team Manager and Selection Panel positions and their associated responsibilities can be found outlined here.

Head Coach

Required non-playing role

The head coach is responsible for the overall strategic and on field direction of the Australian Dropbears.

Assistant Coach/es

Intended non-playing role

The role of the assistant coach or coaches is to assist the head coach in the development of the strategic and on field direction of the Australian Dropbears, as well as providing athletes with support and personalised training. With the intent to have two assistant coaches, the role has been broken up into a quaffle and bludger focus as two dominant aspects of the game. This is a guide only and applicants are welcome to put forward their own focus areas in their application.

Team Manager

Required non-playing role

The team manager should set the off field direction of the Australian Dropbears, including the planning of the trip to Richmond for the World Cup, looking after the administrative side of the team and facilitating a focus on team unity and player wellbeing.

Selection Panel Member

Intended non-playing role, but open to players

The selection panel is responsible for the selection of the team, in conjunction with the coaching team. The selection panel members are required to attend all national selection based sessions, state shield, and any pre-national selection events held in their own state. Once the squad is selected, the panel will hand the responsibility of the team over to the coaching team and team leadership.

The selection panel will be made up for five to seven individuals, inclusive of the coaching staff.

Applications are open for all positions to those who do and do not intend to apply as players for the Australian Dropbears as Quidditch Australia wishes to encourage a wide pool of applicants, however applicants may be given preference for roles if they not intend to try out as a player to avoid potential conflict of interest within the process.