Team Australia 2018

Quidditch Australia is extremely proud and excited to announce the 21 individuals who have been selected to represent Australia at the 2018 IQA Quidditch World Cup. These athletes represent the best and brightest Australia has to offer and we wish them all the best in Florence.

Team Australia, known as the Dropbears, will be tasked with defending Australia’s title after they successfully defeated the USA in the Grand Final of the previous IQA World Cup in 2016, winning 150* – 130. The Dropbears consists of 21 athletes from 3 states, comprising 12 Victorians, 8 New South Welshmen, and 1 Queenslander. The team adheres to the IQA’s rules in terms of roster gender maximums.In total, 104 individuals applied to be on Team Australia, the successful individuals representing the culmination of months of selection. We are grateful to and thank our six selectors and coaching team for their roles in this decision.

Thirteen of the players were on the previous gold-medal winning team and will be looking to add another trophy to their cabinet, while the other 8 players will be making their international debut in Florence. Up to 8 reserves will also be a part of the Team Australia Squad, to be announced later. The Team Australia Squad will meet regularly between now and the tournament to train and work together to bring Australia’s dream of back to back gold to life.

The Team

Callum Mayling
Miles Newton

Natalie Astalosh
Luke Derrick
Nathan Morton
Dean Rodhouse
Clementine Round
Deni Tasman

Arlyta Andrew
Andrew Culf
Brandon Frison
Neil Kemister
Cassia Menkhorst
Emily Merry
Jonathon O’Brien
Dameon Osborn
James Osmond
Taya Rawson
Simon Spann
Nikita Van Kaathoven
James Williams

 Photo Credit: Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography, Courtney Buckley Photography, and Jackson Weaver Photography