2017 Quidditch Australia Membership and Rulebook

Quidditch Australia is happy to announce it’s membership policy and rulebook for the 2017 season, valid from the 1st of January 2017 to the 31st of December 2017.


Quidditch Australia membership is essential for competitive members planning on playing in ranked matches and teams and players who plan on attending the Australian Quidditch Championship (previously known as QUAFL) in December 2017. Register today!

  • Individual membership has been reduced from $50 to $40.
  • Trial membership will still be $10.
  • The Australian Quidditch Championship will now cost $15 per player to participate.


  • Club membership has been reduced from $150 to $75.
  • Clubs may register additional teams for $50. These teams within an overall club will have less restrictive transfer policies applied to them. Details about this will be out shortly.


In 2017, Quidditch Australia will use the IQA Rulebook 2016-2018, as its rules of play. There are however 2 exceptions that deviate from from IQA Rulebook 2016-2018.

IQA Rulebook 2016-2018

QAI Rulebook Amendments