Call For Nominations – 2016 QAI AGM

Quidditch Australia Incorporated is making a call for nominations for its board of directors as well as a call for motions for special resolutions for the AGM.

The term of appointment is two years. Collectively the seven directors are responsible for the good governance of Quidditch Australia – establishing policy, maintaining the association’s finances and other duties necessary for running quidditch in Australia. After their election the directors of the board will then be able to delegate amongst themselves specific portfolios. Current examples of portfolios include ‘Media & Marketing’, ‘Treasury’ and ‘Gameplay’ although this will be at the discretion of the newly elected board.

Nominations must be;

  • in writing,
  • certified by the nominee,
  • signed by representatives of two Member Clubs and/or States.

Please disclose any position in a State or Club you hold as either an officer or a paid employee.

Nomination form


Changes to the constitution require a Special Resolution, and need to follow the Corporations Act 2001. We’re happy to consider any constitution changes.

For reference, the constitution can be found here.

Nominations and motions for special resolutions can be emailed to [email protected] or [email protected], please have your nominations in no later than the 16th November 2016.