QUAFL 2015 Location

This year, the AQA received more bids than we ever had and while we were happy that more teams and organizations were stepping up and willing to host our championships, it meant decision making was going to be a lot harder.

But without further ado, the AQA is pleased to announce the QUAFL 2015 will be hosted by the Monash Muggles and the Victorian Quidditch Association at Monash University’s Clayton Campus. QUAFL 2015 will be held on the weekend of the 5th of December.

The organizing team will comprise of Eva Alexandra as tournament director with Nicola Gertler and Emma Morris as Assistant Tournament Directors to aid in organizing on the ground logistics. Members of the community that the team feel appropriate to aid in the organization of QUAFL 2015 will be personally contacted in the following weeks.

See you in Melbourne!