New AQA Executives

On the evening of the 31st of August, The Australian Quidditch Association held elections so that it could expand its board of directors. The recent changes to our constitution made it so we had to make some changes to our executive structure.

The existing directors and representatives of teams across Australia forsook watching Doctor Who. A pitched battle against tardiness, and technical problems was bravely fought. Good triumphed evil and our new directors were elected.


The AQA is happy to announce that its board of directors have gained the talents of Arfy Papadam, James Hosford, and Maria Wizbicki.


Arfy Papadam is the founder of the MacArthur Weasleys, as well as the man who brought us the wonder that is Wheelchair Quidditch. He officially plays for the University of Western Sydney Thestrals. Arfy has experience in advertising and events and will be taking on our events portfolio. He will be our main liaison for all AQA sanctioned events and will also put in a hand with external relations.


Maria Wizbicki is currently the director of marketing and the president ofthe Macquarie Marauders. As director of marketing, she rebooted our social media efforts and had a hand in our hugely successful fundraising campaign to send Team Australia to Canada. She is also the assistant tournament director for QUAFL 2014, to be hosted at Macquarie University. Maria will continue onwith the marketing portfolio as executive director.


James Hosford has been with the AQA from the very beginning as founding gameplay director and is known for being the Tournament Director for various events including the most recent QUAFL Cup and is also Tournament Director for the upcoming QUAFL Cup. He has worked extensively in statistical archiving and was at the helm of organizing our lovable Drop Bears to travel to Canada for Global Games, where they came home with the silver medal. James will continue on with the gameplay portfolio as executive director.


Please join us in welcoming Arfy, Maria and James. We look forward to working with them and all the wonderful things that will come from the new board of directors.