Global Games Final Wrap & Merchandise Update

After a multi-week North American odyssey, at long last Australia’s quidditch heroes are mostly back home and safe.

Throughout July, our Drop Bears represented Australia with great distinction on their way to a sensational runner-up finish at the 2014 Global Games in Vancouver, BC, Canada on July 19. Only the still unstoppable Americans were beyond the Australian team, who brilliantly upset both the highly fancied United Kingdom side and accomplished hosts Canada on their way to a dream showdown in the Final against America’s greatest superstars.


The journey had started a week earlier in Los Angeles when our team first made waves and caught international attention with an impressive run deep into the Sunday Finals at the West Fantasy Tournament. Against a quality roll call of hundreds of experienced American quidkids, as well as many Team USA and Team UK stars, Australia won three of four matches in their group. The team was then won their first knockout final Sunday on Sunday morning as-well, before going out at the Quarter Final stage. Ironically and impressively, it was a team that Australia topped on Saturday who went on to win the tournament.

Then came the feature event, as Australia faced six other national teams at quidditch’s biggest ever international event. Our boys and girls overcame some slow starts against less fancied but spirited opponents to win three from three as predicted in the morning session. No game was more remarkable than the first against France, where Australia overcame the blow of a French snitch catch which took proceedings to overtime at 90-90, with an astonishing seven goal burst to win 160-90 after the extra five minutes expired with the snitch unconquered.

Australia’s big challenges lay after lunch and it was in these games that Australia’s fighting spirit came to the fore, with their defence matching up to the always mighty scoring firepower. ‘

It was dramatic deja-vu when a UK snitch catch levelled the fourth match at fifty-all, but Australia triumphed in overtime thanks to Dameon Osborn’s capture. Andrew Culf was our greatest chasing hero all day, particularly in that game, and he topped Australia’s goal-scoring count with 10. But his enforced absence from the showdown with Canada through injury just reinforced the quality and spirit present through the whole team.

Against all the odds, Australia rose again, defeating the heavily fancied hosts 70-40 in the battle for second place, booking a place in the final against the United States.

The two teams first faced off in the final group game, with Australia fighting hard in a gallant and creditable performance, going down 130-20. Unfortunately the final was a step too far with the United States winning 210-0, but they are of course on a different level to the rest of the world. Australia though, have been definably crowned as the very best throughout the rest of that world.


The AQA and the Drop Bears team would like to thank Australia’s quidditch community for so enthusiastically contributing their money and support to this epic journey and hope that all our donators feel proud and rewarded for their efforts by the amazing performance.

The AQA can confirm that all merchandise orders have been placed and most, such as water bottles and headbands, will soon be dispatched to their purchasers. As for the prized team jerseys, their ETA is late August to the order address, at which point they will be immediately dispatched.

Further information on order progress will be forthcoming and can also be sought on our AQA Facebook page and groups.



West Fantasy

Red 110* – Australia 20

Australia 110* – Gray 80

Australia 70* – Cyan 20

Australia 90* – Black 70

SECOND ROUND – Australia 110* – Black 50

QUARTER FINAL – Red 90* – Australia 80


Global Games

Australia 160(90) – France 90(90*)

Australia 140* – Mexico 70

Australia 160* – Belgium 0

Australia 80^(50) – United Kingdom 50(50*)

Australia 70* – Canada 40

United States 130* – Australia 20

FINAL – United States 210* – Australia 0


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