For the 2017 season, starting on January 1 and ending December 31, Quidditch Australia will use the International Quidditch Association Official Rulebook as its rules of play. However, QA has adopted two amendments that deviate from IQA Rulebook as outlined below. These deviations were made in the best interests of Australia quidditch.

IQA Rulebook 2016-2018

QA Rulebook Amendments

For players seeking a basic guide to the rules for the purpose of understanding how to play, an abridged version of the rulebook has been written.

Quidditch Abridged: For Players

Gameplay Policies

This section contains all official Quidditch Australia policies governing gameplay. Where they differ from international standards, QA policy takes precedence.

QA Injury/Concussion Policy

QA Equipment Standards

QA Extreme Weather Policy

QA National Championship Eligibility

QA Official Match Eligibility

QA Referee Policy

QA Transfer Policy

QA Event First Aid Policy (From 1 July 2018)

Any matter not directly covered and over-ridden anywhere within these documents, or any other wider QA Policy document, defaults to current IQA policy.

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