For the season starting on January 1 2015 and ending December 31 2015, The AQA will use the US Quidditch Rulebook: Eighth Edition, as its rules of play. The only exception to this rulebook are the rules relating to off-pitch seeking. Australian official play retains off-pitch seeking. Because USQ Rulebook 8 has been updated to reflect different rules, the AQA will consider IQA Rulebook 7 sections relating to off-pitch seeking (particularly sections,, 7.6.3., and 8.3.3.) to supersede any conflicting information in Rulebook 8.

Click here for Rulebook 8.

Gameplay Policies

This section contains all AQA rules and policies governing gameplay where they differ from international standards as outlined in USQ Rulebook Version 8 and the USQ Gameplay Policies.

AQA Transfer Policy

AQA Official Match Qualification Requirements

AQA Equipment Standards

AQA Snitch Policy

AQA Extreme Heat Policy

AQA QUAFL Eligibility 2015


Any matter not directly covered and over-ridden anywhere within these documents, or any other wider AQA Policy document, defaults to current USQ policy.

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