For the season starting on January 1 2017 and ending December 31 2017, Quidditch Australia will use the IQA Rulebook 2016-2018, as its rules of play. There are however 2 exceptions that deviate from from IQA Rulebook 2016-2018.

IQA Rulebook 2016-2018

QAI Rulebook Amendments

Gameplay Policies

This section contains all Quidditch Australia 9 rules and policies governing gameplay where they differ from international standards as outlined in the IQA Rulebook 2016-2018.

QAI Transfer Policy

QAI Official Match Qualification Requirements

QAI Equipment Standards

QAI Extreme Weather Policy

QAI National Championship Eligibility


QAI Concussion Policy

Any matter not directly covered and over-ridden anywhere within these documents, or any other wider QAI Policy document, defaults to current IQA policy.

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