Get Involved

So you’re interested in joining a quidditch team? We’ve got many teams in all different states; whether you’re a university student or just an individual wanting to get involved, this is the place to start. No prior experience is required, just an enthusiasm and willingness to run around with a broom and a ball. Finding a team that’s the right fit for you is important, so have a browse of the teams below and get in touch with them to find out more. See you on the pitch!

Please not that many university teams accept community players.

Feel free to email for more information or to find out how to start your own team!


State Body – Victoria Quidditch Association

 Melbourne Manticores (Community)

Blackburn Basilisks (Community)

Wrackspurts QC (Community)

South Melbourne Centaurs (Community)

Monash Muggles (University)

Melbourne Unicorns (University)

La Trolls (University)

New South Wales/ACT

State Body – Quidditch New South Wales

Western Sydney QC (Community)

Macarthur Weasleys (Community)

Sydney City Serpents (Community)

UNSW Snapes on a Plane (University)

Macquarie Marauders (University)

UTS Opaleyes (University)

USYD Unspeakables (University)

Wollongong Warriors (University)

Newcastle Fireballs (University)

ANU Owls (University)



State Body – Queensland Association of Quidditch

 USC Dementors (University)

QUT Lycans (University)

JCU Galleons (University)

ACU – Brisbane (University)

Griffith Quidditch (University)

University of Queensland (University)

Western Australia

State Body – Western Australian Quidditch Association

ECU Centaurs (University)

Murdoch Mandrakes (University)

Curtin Chimeras (University)

Perth Phoenixes (Community)

South Australia

State Body – South Australian Quidditch Association

Adelaide Augureys (Community)

Adelaide Abraxans (Community)

Glenelg Gargoyles (Community)

Flinders Fantastic Beasts (University)

Adelaide University (University)