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Team Australia 2018 Reserves

Quidditch Australia is proud to announce the eight individuals who have been selected as reserves for Team Australia. These individuals will join the 21 Dropbears at all training camps and team events in the lead up to the 2018 IQA Quidditch World Cup in Florence this June.

Coming from all across Australia, these athletes will train with and support the team, and are a crucial part of Team Australia and Australia’s World Cup campaign. The reserve squad includes individuals from New South Wales (4), South Australia (1), Victoria (2), and Western Australia (1). Two of the reserves have previously represented Australia at an international level and one was a reserve for the previous World Cup; the remaining five would be making their international debut should they be called upon to replace any Dropbear that is injured, ill, or otherwise unable to compete.

The Reserves

Rajtilak Kapoor

Samantha Chittenden
James Hyder
Stella Naylor
Edward Vienet

Anthony Hogan
Harrison Jones
Isobel Rennie

Benjamin Kasehagen from Queensland was offered a place as a chaser reserve but was unable to accept.

Team Australia 2018

Quidditch Australia is extremely proud and excited to announce the 21 individuals who have been selected to represent Australia at the 2018 IQA Quidditch World Cup. These athletes represent the best and brightest Australia has to offer and we wish them all the best in Florence.

Team Australia, known as the Dropbears, will be tasked with defending Australia’s title after they successfully defeated the USA in the Grand Final of the previous IQA World Cup in 2016, winning 150* – 130. The Dropbears consists of 21 athletes from 3 states, comprising 12 Victorians, 8 New South Welshmen, and 1 Queenslander. The team adheres to the IQA’s rules in terms of roster gender maximums.In total, 104 individuals applied to be on Team Australia, the successful individuals representing the culmination of months of selection. We are grateful to and thank our six selectors and coaching team for their roles in this decision.

Thirteen of the players were on the previous gold-medal winning team and will be looking to add another trophy to their cabinet, while the other 8 players will be making their international debut in Florence. Up to 8 reserves will also be a part of the Team Australia Squad, to be announced later. The Team Australia Squad will meet regularly between now and the tournament to train and work together to bring Australia’s dream of back to back gold to life.

The Team

Callum Mayling
Miles Newton

Natalie Astalosh
Luke Derrick
Nathan Morton
Dean Rodhouse
Clementine Round
Deni Tasman

Arlyta Andrew
Andrew Culf
Brandon Frison
Neil Kemister
Cassia Menkhorst
Emily Merry
Jonathon O’Brien
Dameon Osborn
James Osmond
Taya Rawson
Simon Spann
Nikita Van Kaathoven
James Williams

 Photo Credit: Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography, Courtney Buckley Photography, and Jackson Weaver Photography


The 2018 IQA World Cup will take place in Florence, Italy, between the 27th June and the 2nd July, 2018.

The City of Florence, working in conjunction with the Human Company and the Italian Quidditch Association, was today announced by the IQA as the successful bid to host next year’s world cup. National quidditch teams from around the world, including the UK, Denmark, Malaysia, and the USA will fly to Italy for a chance to be crowned the international champions of the sport.

Australia became the newest international quidditch champions in 2016 after beating two-time previous international champions, the USA, 150* – 130 in the grand final. Team Australia, aka the Dropbears, are keen to defend their title and will stop at nothing to claim back-to-back gold.  With 32 nations planning to attend the tournament, Florence is expected to host the largest international tournament in quidditch history as an expected five hundred players come to the city to compete.

Italy was chosen by the IQA as hosts from amongst highly competitive bids from the USA, the UK, France, Turkey, Australia, and Belgium. With a high-quality venue, great support from the City of Florence, and a detailed plan by the Human Company, it was the best choice for the tournament, the sport, and the community. The IQA will be collaborating closely with a variety of organisations to ensure the success of the tournament.

As a center of history, culture, and art, Florence is all set to support both athletes and spectators, with the support of the City further aiding the attending nations. To coincide with the competition, the Cultural Department of the City of Florence will be organising lectures and special side events in the main historical libraries and other places of cultural interest in town, for all age groups.


* denotes the team which caught the snitch, which is worth 30 points and ends the game

Team Australia Applications Now Open

After the successfully running of the four inaugural Quidditch Australia Development Camps in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia, we are now progressing to the next stage of our journey to the 2018 IQA World Cup.

Quidditch Australia will run two official selection camps, one in Victoria in November and one in New South Wales in January 2018, that will serve as the first step in creating the 2018 Dropbears. Applications are now open for the first selection camp, taking place in Melbourne on November 11-12th.

Attendance at one of the camps is a requirement for selection to the 2018 IQA World Cup Australian National Team. Applications for camp 1 close 11:59pm October 20th. All applicants must be Quidditch Australia members to be eligible. Applications will be reviewed by the Team Australia Selection Committee, who are tasked with choosing the individuals who will attend each camp. Successful applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by 28th of October at the latest.

To apply please fill out this form, we look forward to seeing everyone’s applications.

Good Luck!

Photography by Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography.

Team Australia Selectors

Quidditch Australia is excited to announce the Team Australia Selection Committee.

The following six individuals will join Coach Genevieve Gibson, Assistant Coach Daniel Fox, and Selection Committee Chairperson Thomas Russell. Together, this committee will be tasked with assessing national talent and helping to create the Australian national team to be sent to the 2018 IQA World Cup.

We wish them well and look forward to what each will bring to the role.

Cindy Callens, Daniel Scharf, Liam McMoppin, Owen Sherwood, Paul Harrison, Taya Rawson

World Cup 2018 Campaign Update: Assistant Coach, Dropbears Selection Process, and Selectors Applications

The next stage of the Australian 2018 World Cup campaign begins as we announce the appointment of an Australian National Team Assistant Coach, the timeline and process for team selection, and invite people to apply for the position of Team Selector.

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World Cup 2018 Leadership Announcement

With the 2018 World Cup just over a year away, Quidditch Australia is excited to announce the selection of our 2018 Dropbears leadership team.

It is a privilege and an honour to say that Genevieve Gibson will be returning as Australian National Team Coach for the 2018 World Cup campaign, following her successful campaign as coach in 2016. This time around, Gen will be formally assisted by Nicholas Hirst who is taking up the position of Team Manager.

Details about team selection and other developments will be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, and we look forward to another successful international campaign.

World Cup 2018 Coach and Manager Applications

Quidditch Australia are now taking applications for the manager and coach positions of our World Cup team in 2018. Below you’ll find the application criteria for each position as well as a brief description of their expected parameters. Be advised that the positions will be filled by separate people. Applications may be sent to

Applications close April 17


Job Description

The Coach will be the overall leader of the World Cup team and will be a non-playing position. The coach will be expected to be responsible for (either directly or through delegation) the following duties:

  • Create and manage the overall vision for the team.
  • Train the team in order to achieve that vision, including scheduling training and team events.
  • Manage the personnel of the team in match situations, on the day of competition, and away from the field.
  • Discipline players and team staff as necessary subject to appeal to the QA board.
  • Hold a seat on the selection panel for both the training squad and the final team.
  • Assist QA in choosing the panel of selectors.

Applications for coach should contain the following:

  • Name, contact email, phone number.
  • A description of relevant coaching and/or leadership experience both within and outside of quidditch.
  • A list of any conflicts or responsibilities that may interfere with your ability to coach the team.
  • A plan for how you would fund your attendance at World Cup were you to receive no assistance from QA.
  • A minimum of two references from outside of the applicant’s current team
  • An essay answering the following questions:
    • Your vision for the team and what a world cup winning team would look like.
    • How you would go about achieving that vision including a rough training schedule, specific aspects of the game you would focus on and any other relevant information.
    • What can Team Australia do that would give us an edge over other countries?
    • Do you have any weaknesses and if so how would you mitigate those weaknesses?
    • Any other pertinent information.


Job Description

The manager is a subordinate to the coach expected to deal with off-pitch issues regarding logistics, planning and any responsibilities delegated by the coach at both training camps in Australia and at the World Cup itself. The manager is a non-playing person who is expected to specifically organise matters outside of on-pitch situations though may be delegated other responsibilities by the coach. The manager is expected to attend training camps and World Cup.

Applications for manager should contain the following:

  • Name, contact email, phone number.
  • Any relevant managerial or leadership experience both within and outside of quidditch.
  • A list of any conflicts or responsibilities that may interfere with your ability to manage the team.
  • A plan for how you would fund your attendance at World Cup were you to receive no assistance from QA.
  • A minimum of two references from outside of the applicant’s current team.
  • Any other pertinent information or experience.

Dropbears win the 2016 Quidditch World Cup


We did it! The Dropbears get gold at the 2016 IQA Quidditch World Cup taking out America 150*-130 in the United States first ever loss.

Over the last year, coach Gen Gibson has worked this team from the ground up with the express purpose of taking on the best team in the world.

Today we showed the world our strength and determination, but more importantly our love for this sport and community.


Photo by Nicholas Hirst

QAI discusses the Dropbears team with the reserves

The Australian Dropbears had five reserves who all attended the training camps with the team, including Leslie Fox who has already joined the team, following Tash Keehan’s injury. The other four; Carolyn Themel, now team manager, Oscar Cozens, Nicola Gerter, and Samantha Chittenden; having trained as part of the team, have great insight into their inner workings.

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