QUAFL Team Announcement and Individual Registration

Quidditch Australia is excited to announce the twenty-six teams from five states and territories that will be competing for national glory at this year’s QUAFL: Australian Quidditch Championship. Continuing our slow but steady growth from the 23 teams last year, QUAFL is sure to be a truly exciting and intense weekend.
Last year saw Wrackspurt QC from Melbourne, Victoria fend off all competitors to take the victory, but can they do it again?

ACU Paladins
Adelaide Augureys
ANU Owls
Blackburn Basilisks
Glenelg Gargoyles
La Trobe Trolls
Macarthur Weasleys
Macquarie Marauders
Melbourne Manticores

Melbourne Unicorns Orange
Melbourne Unicorns Blue
Monash Muggles
Monash Mudbloods
Newcastle Fireballs
QUT Lycans
South Melbourne Centaurs
Sydney City Serpents

UNSW Snapes on a Plane
USC Dementors
UTS Opaleyes
Western Sydney QC
Whomping Willows QC
Wrackspurts QC

Individual registration is also here! All individuals wishing to be included on their team’s roster must fill out this form by midnight November 6th. The form is compulsory for playing and non-playing individuals.

Registration costs $15pp for Players and $7.5pp for Non-playing Coaches and Managers.
Looking forward to seeing everyone in Canberra; as always, questions, comments, queries, and concerns can be directed to quafl@quidditch.org.au.

QUAFL 2017 Team Registration and Timeline

Registration is now open for any team that wishes to compete at QUAFL: Australian Quidditch Championships 2017.

Simply fill out this form by October 1st.

Any team wishing to compete must be a registered and paid QA member team. There are also a number of additional requirements including minimum certification of team referees and minimum game requirements. A full explanation of all requirements can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you in Canberra.


The timeline for registration will be as follows:

4th September       Team Registration Opens
1st October             Team Registration Closes
All teams must be registered and fully paid members by this date
2nd October           Player Registration Opens
23rd October         Deadline for application for exemption from any QA QUAFL requirement
1st November        Social Tickets go on sale
6th November       Player Registration Closes
All players must be registered  and fully paid members by this date
17th November     Team Rosters must be submitted
Referee Requirements must be met
All QUAFL requirements must be met by November 17th unless specified as earlier.

Questions and comments can be sent to quafl@quidditch.org.au.

QUAFL – Australian Quidditch Championship

Quidditch Australia is proud to present the seventh annual national quidditch tournament.

QUAFL – The Australian Quidditch Championships 2017 will run over the 2nd and 3rd of December. Following on from the success of last year, QUAFL will return to the Australian Institute of Sport for the biggest tournament in Australia, the current international champions.

In December, over 25 teams from around the country are expected to make their way to Canberra. Hosted by the Australian Institute of Sport, QUAFL 2017 will decide this year’s Australian quidditch champion. QUAFL represents QA’s premier event and serves as the culmination of the 2017 season.

Quidditch is a full contact, high intensity, mixed gender sport that is rapidly taking the world by storm. This event is free for spectators and more information, including a spectator guide, will be available closer to the event.

See the internationally acclaimed world champion Dropbears out in full force as they battle each other for the glory of their local teams.

Come to the AIS on either or both days and enjoy some of the greatest quidditch Australia has to offer. Merchandise, food, and a superb atmosphere will all be on offer for what is sure to be a great day out for the whole family.

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/138724816727823

2017 QUAFL Location Announced

Quidditch Australia is excited to announce that the location of QUAFL: Australian Quidditch Championship 2017 will again be the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, ACT.

Nationals will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of December. More details to come.

Wrackspurts QC win the 2016 Australian Quidditch Championship

The Wrackspurts Quidditch Club have become the 2016 Australian Quidditch Champions defeating the second placed Western Sydney Quidditch club in a incredibly close game, with the Wrackspurts winning 120*-110.

This year’s Australian Quidditch Championship (AusQC) was the largest quidditch tournament held in Australia, featuring 23 teams and nearly 400 players from across the country.

Held at the Australian Institute of Sport for the first time, the legitimacy of quidditch in Australia continues to grow. Bringing together people of non-sporting and sporting backgrounds, the sport continues to establish itself at the forefront of gender equality for sports in Australia.



Photography by Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography


Team Registration now open for QUAFL 2016

Registration is now open for QUAFL 2016, the Australian Quidditch Championships. Hosted at the Australian Institute of Sport, QUAFL is Quidditch Australia’s premier event, serving as Australia’s national championships, and the culmination of the 2016 national quidditch season.

This form must be completed by any team interested in participating at QUAFL in 2016. Teams must be registered by 11:59pm on the 30th of September.

Feel free to contact quafl@quidditch.org.au with any questions, queries, or concerns.

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QUAFL 2016 Update – Committee, Schedule, Registration

Committee Announcement

Quidditch Australia is pleased to announce that the organising team for this summer’s Australian Quidditch Championships, QUAFL 2016, has been selected. We look forward to bringing you a thrilling and competitive event, held at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra on the 10th and 11th of December.

The team is as follows:

  • Matthew Ingram – Tournament Director
  • Nicholas Hirst – Assistant Tournament Director
  • Merryn Christian – Assistant Tournament Director
  • Jamie Turbet – Merchandise Director
  • Nic Radoll – Logistics Director
  • Sophie Fitch – Team Liaison

We are still looking for a  Media Director and a Volunteer Director. Please email your expressions of interest to president@quidditch.org.au with a cover letter if you would like to become involved. Various gameplay related positions will be advertised at a later date.

Schedule Outline

Below is a rough outline of the schedule for the event. The exact times are subject to change, and will be finalised closer to the date, but the broad outline will stay the same. It is our intention that this will help attendees make travel and other arrangements.

The schedule outline is as follows:


  • 9am-3pm Wheelchair Quidditch
  • 10am-2pm Local High School Kidditch
  • 3pm-6pm Quidditch Australia AGM

After the events of Friday, all attendees are invited to a casual pre-tournament get-together in the city from 7pm.


  • 8am-6pm QUAFL 2016 (Pool Play)


  • 8am-5pm QUAFL 2016 (Pool Play and Bracket Play/Finals)
  • 8pm-late QUAFL 2016 Social at Mooseheads

Team and Player registration timeline

Team and player registrations will be handled differently this year compared to previous QUAFLs. It is important that you read, and understand, the timeline and points below to ensure your teams compliance and participation in QUAFL 2016.

Registration and expression of interest forms will be released in the coming weeks, as well as other team information relevant to attendance. In particular, expressions of interest for the QAI charter bus to and from Sydney.

The QUAFL Timeline is as follows:

  • End of August: Team registration closes
  • 30th September: Team registration closes
  • 1st October: Player registration opens
  • 14th October: Team final registration opens
  • 31st October: Team final registration closes

NB: Along with final registration, team are required to submit an initial roster at this stage, which must include any athletes intending to play for that team at QUAFL. No more transfers can happen after this date, and all individuals on a team’s initial roster must be registered with that team with QAI. There is no limit on the amount of people that can be on this initial roster

  • 14th November: Player registration closes
  • 25th November: Final rosters due

NB: QA reserve the right to decline invitations for teams bringing less than twelve (12) registered players. This rule is being implemented to prevent injury from teams who are only fielding minimum players as well as ensuring the integrity of the tournament.

The decisions to include two stages of rosters was to allow for early confirmation of teams while still allowing individual teams to take up until 2 weeks before the event to decide their squad, to account for potential injuries, extenuating circumstances, and selection. Teams that drop out after confirming in the final team registration phase will face appropriate penalties. This is to ensure the organising committee does not have to make last minute changes to the schedule.

Feel free to contact quafl@quidditch.org.au with any questions, queries, or concerns.

QUAFL Committee Expression of Interest

Quidditch Australia is looking for enthusiastic people to help run the 2016 QUAFL tournament. Please email all expressions of interest to president@quidditch.org.au by the 27th of May with a cover letter for why you believe you would suit the role/s.

QUAFL Committe PDF


Canberra to host QUAFL 2016

Quidditch Australia is proud to present QUAFL: The Australian Quidditch Championships for 2016.

In December, over 20 of the top quidditch teams from around the country will head to Canberra to decide who is this years Australian national quidditch champion. Hosted at the Australian Institute of Sport, QUAFL is Quidditch Australia’s premier event, serving as Australia’s national championships, and the culmination of the 2016 national quidditch season.

If you’re interested in watching the best quidditch Australia has to offer, this is a free event for spectators! Simply turn up to the Australian Institute of Sport and enjoy one of the worlds fastest growing, mixed-gender, contact sports! As well as a fantastic weekend of quidditch, there’ll be merchandise, food, kidditch and more!

QUAFL 2016 Bid Package

After much anticipation, here is the 2016 QUAFL bid package for this year’s premier Australian quidditch tournament!

The Australian Quidditch Association will host the sixth annual QUAFL Cup on one of either the last weekend of November or the first weekend of December 2016. The tournament is the AQA’s premier event, serving as Australia’s national championships, and the culmination of the 2016 national quidditch season. It is predicted that a minimum of twenty teams and three hundred attendees will be competing at the 2016 QUAFL Cup, with member teams travelling from all across the country.

Any team, state, local council or city are welcome to apply to host the QUAFL tournament later this year. Your application should be in the form of a Microsoft Word Document or PDF document and emailed to president at quidditch.org.au by 5pm, March 3rd 2016.

We look forward to expanding on last year’s fantastic QUAFL tournament and providing another thrilling weekend of highly competitive quidditch!

Direct URL link – https://www.dropbox.com/s/9hoar9j2k9t7isn/QUAFL%202016%20Bid%20Package.pdf?dl=0

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