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The One-Arm Wrap – USQL Round One

The University of Sydney Quidditch League had their first competitive round recently, with USyd players new and old mixed onto five different teams. One of those new players, Darryl Yip, gave QA Today a quick rundown of the day’s play.

The 5th of May saw the first round of official USQL Competition. The first match of the day saw a
very close game where Veela and Werewolves went head to head, each one matching
another with goals. Veela eventually pulled ahead with 10 points and secured the snitch for a
140* – 100 win. read more

The One-Arm Wrap – NQL Round 1 Overview

With the first official round of the NQL in the books and the second coming up this weekend, QA Today asks the NSW Quidditch community – what is the competition looking like across both divisions? Here are some of the responses to our call-out.

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Ana Barciela – Macquarie Marauders

For Div 1, I’d say at the Serpents are the best at the moment. After all, they are a team comprised of top level, committed players, who take the sport seriously and train accordingly, all seemingly well versed in quidditch strategy and passionate about it. Their strict recruitment is understandable when you want to play in a team where all the players take the sport seriously. I hope they are paving the way for more competitive, high level community teams to rise, but right now they have that edge on all other teams. I think there’s a clear distinction in Div 1 between the top four (Serpents, Unspeakables, WSQC and ANU) and Newcastle and Macquarie. read more

The One-Arm Wrap – Vic Cup Overview

With six rounds of the Vic Cup complete, the Victorian Quidditch community has a very good idea of the teams leading the charge in 2018. QA Today made a call-out for Victorians to give us their thoughts on how the Vic Cup was tracking, and here are some of the responses.

Have your own thoughts about the Vic Cup, or Quidditch games in your own backyard? Feel free to get in touch with QA Today through

Benjamin Watson – Captain/Asst Coach, La Trobe Trolls

As we stand, the Whomping Willows are currently looking the strongest of all of the Victorian teams. I think currently the Willows have quite a strong chaser line up and also then have a very strong beater lineup -they have such depth that they can also afford to have the likes of Bodie Nash or James Osmond seeking. read more

Where will QUAFL be in 2018?

Six months ago we crowned the Whomping Willows QC as QUAFL 2017 champions. Now, QA is preparing to announce where QUAFL 2018 will be, and QA Today has an exclusive look at the top locations being considered.

The One-Arm Wrap: NQL Division 2

With two pre-season rounds complete, the NSW State League, NQL, finally moves into pool play this coming weekend. With a brand new division system in place, teams can expect close match-ups in every single game they play. The Divisional split is based entirely on the results of pool play from the 2017 season, with six teams in Division 1 and seven in Division 2. Here are the results from pre-season play.


QA Today’s Cameron Caccamo takes a look at the teams that make up Div 2 – including each team’s record, how they’re tracking, and what to expect from them now that we enter pool play. Division 1 analysis can be found here. read more

The One-Arm Wrap: NQL Division 1

The NSW State League, NQL, finally reaches pool play, with a new division system ensuring close matches all the way through the competition. Cameron Caccamo checks out Division 1, six of the best teams in NSW, and what to expect from them this weekend.

Around the Grounds: Brisbane City QC

Queensland's Quidditch scene continues to grow, with a brand new community team to show for it. Cameron Caccamo gets #trashy to get the lowdown on the "Bin Chickens" - the Brisbane City Quidditch Club - chatting to Belinda Hammond and Daniel Scharf.

BREAKING: Quidditch Australia Slammed as Evidence of Ball Tampering Emerges

It is a dark day for Quidditch in Australia, as evidence has emerged showing ball tampering is rife across the entire sport. Not even the World Cup final in 2016 is free from controversy.

It is alleged that across most tournaments in Australia, many available quaffles – a volleyball used to score points – and bludgers – the dodgeballs used by beaters to knock players out of play – were under-inflated. This has a distinct effect on how the ball is thrown and caught, giving the team ready for such circumstances a clear advantage.

It is still being determined just how deep this goes – with some in the community fearing that entire tournaments may have been played under these conditions. read more

BREAKING: Commonwealth Games adds Quidditch as Official Sport

The 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games has dropped a bombshell just three days before the event begins, with Quidditch added to the program as an Official Sport just so Australia can easily win another Gold Medal.

Around the Grounds: Internal Leagues

For our sport to grow, we need new players to feel welcome even in a competitive atmosphere. QA Today looks at Internal Leagues at the University of Sunshine Coast and the University of Sydney - is this the best way to bring new players in? With USQL's first games over the weekend, QA Today caught up with USyd to see how their newer players fared.

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