World Cup 2018 Coach and Manager Applications

Quidditch Australia are now taking applications for the manager and coach positions of our World Cup team in 2018. Below you’ll find the application criteria for each position as well as a brief description of their expected parameters. Be advised that the positions will be filled by separate people. Applications may be sent to

Applications close April 17


Job Description

The Coach will be the overall leader of the World Cup team and will be a non-playing position. The coach will be expected to be responsible for (either directly or through delegation) the following duties:

  • Create and manage the overall vision for the team.
  • Train the team in order to achieve that vision, including scheduling training and team events.
  • Manage the personnel of the team in match situations, on the day of competition, and away from the field.
  • Discipline players and team staff as necessary subject to appeal to the QA board.
  • Hold a seat on the selection panel for both the training squad and the final team.
  • Assist QA in choosing the panel of selectors.

Applications for coach should contain the following:

  • Name, contact email, phone number.
  • A description of relevant coaching and/or leadership experience both within and outside of quidditch.
  • A list of any conflicts or responsibilities that may interfere with your ability to coach the team.
  • A plan for how you would fund your attendance at World Cup were you to receive no assistance from QA.
  • A minimum of two references from outside of the applicant’s current team
  • An essay answering the following questions:
    • Your vision for the team and what a world cup winning team would look like.
    • How you would go about achieving that vision including a rough training schedule, specific aspects of the game you would focus on and any other relevant information.
    • What can Team Australia do that would give us an edge over other countries?
    • Do you have any weaknesses and if so how would you mitigate those weaknesses?
    • Any other pertinent information.


Job Description

The manager is a subordinate to the coach expected to deal with off-pitch issues regarding logistics, planning and any responsibilities delegated by the coach at both training camps in Australia and at the World Cup itself. The manager is a non-playing person who is expected to specifically organise matters outside of on-pitch situations though may be delegated other responsibilities by the coach. The manager is expected to attend training camps and World Cup.

Applications for manager should contain the following:

  • Name, contact email, phone number.
  • Any relevant managerial or leadership experience both within and outside of quidditch.
  • A list of any conflicts or responsibilities that may interfere with your ability to manage the team.
  • A plan for how you would fund your attendance at World Cup were you to receive no assistance from QA.
  • A minimum of two references from outside of the applicant’s current team.
  • Any other pertinent information or experience.

Australian Nationals 2017 Bid Package


Quidditch Australia (QA) is proud to present the Australian nationals bid package for 2017! QA will host the seventh annual Australian quidditch championship towards the end of 2017. The tournament is QA’s premiere event, serving as Australia’s national championship and the culmination of the 2017 quidditch season. It is predicted that a minimum of twenty-four teams and four hundred attendees will be competing at the 2017 Australian quidditch championship, with teams traveling from all across the country.

Teams, states, local councils, or cities are welcome to apply to host the national tournament later this year. Your application should be in the form of a Microsoft Word Document or PDF document and emailed to by end of day, March 31st 2017.

We look forward to expanding on last year’s fantastic tournament and providing another thrilling weekend of highly competitive quidditch!

Direct link –

New Volunteers Appointed to Quidditch Australia

With the rapid growth of quidditch throughout Australia during the 2016 season, Quidditch Australia (QA) is seeking to expand even further in 2017 with the help of a team of enthusiastic volunteers. QA is proud to announce the following individuals who will be working with us for the next 12 months.

Firstly, though, we would like to announce that Rhiannon Gordon will be joining QA as our dedicated Human Resources Director. This will be a new non-board position designed to handle complaints made to or about QA, its board or affiliates, and its members; in addition to helping in the hiring and administration of volunteers.

Joining the gameplay department will be Natalie Astalosh and Luke Derrick, both from New South Wales.

Joining the Media department will be Massimo Galli (Graphic Design), Sherry Du (Social Media) and Kye-Lee Cheong (Editorial) from Victoria, and Maaika Tredrea (Social Media) from South Australia.

If you’re interested in applying for a volunteer position with QA such as Membership or Technology please email


2017 Quidditch Australia Membership and Rulebook

Quidditch Australia is happy to announce it’s membership policy and rulebook for the 2017 season, valid from the 1st of January 2017 to the 31st of December 2017.


Quidditch Australia membership is essential for competitive members planning on playing in ranked matches and teams and players who plan on attending the Australian Quidditch Championship (previously known as QUAFL) in December 2017. Register today!

  • Individual membership has been reduced from $50 to $40.
  • Trial membership will still be $10.
  • The Australian Quidditch Championship will now cost $15 per player to participate.


  • Club membership has been reduced from $150 to $75.
  • Clubs may register additional teams for $50. These teams within an overall club will have less restrictive transfer policies applied to them. Details about this will be out shortly.


In 2017, Quidditch Australia will use the IQA Rulebook 2016-2018, as its rules of play. There are however 2 exceptions that deviate from from IQA Rulebook 2016-2018.

IQA Rulebook 2016-2018

QAI Rulebook Amendments

Victorian Leadbeaters become 2016 Quidditch Australia’s State Champions!

The Victorian Leadbeaters are the 2016 Quidditch Australia State Champions!

They defeated the NSW Blue Tongue Wizards 120*-50 in the third game of the final State of Origin series. The Blue Tongue Wizards gained the early edge with a 110*-50  victory over the Leadbeaters in the first game. In the second game, the Leadbeaters roared back with a 130*-20 win.

Over the course of all three series, the Leadbeaters have won five games with the Blue Tongue Wizards winning four.


Call For Nominations – 2016 QAI AGM

Quidditch Australia Incorporated is making a call for nominations for its board of directors as well as a call for motions for special resolutions for the AGM.

The term of appointment is two years. Collectively the seven directors are responsible for the good governance of Quidditch Australia – establishing policy, maintaining the association’s finances and other duties necessary for running quidditch in Australia. After their election the directors of the board will then be able to delegate amongst themselves specific portfolios. Current examples of portfolios include ‘Media & Marketing’, ‘Treasury’ and ‘Gameplay’ although this will be at the discretion of the newly elected board.

Nominations must be;

  • in writing,
  • certified by the nominee,
  • signed by representatives of two Member Clubs and/or States.

Please disclose any position in a State or Club you hold as either an officer or a paid employee.

Nomination form


Changes to the constitution require a Special Resolution, and need to follow the Corporations Act 2001. We’re happy to consider any constitution changes.

For reference, the constitution can be found here.

Nominations and motions for special resolutions can be emailed to or, please have your nominations in no later than the 16th November 2016.

Player Registration now open for QUAFL 2016

Player registration is now open for QUAFL 2016, the Australian Quidditch Championships. Hosted at the Australian Institute of Sport, QUAFL is Quidditch Australia’s premier event, serving as Australia’s national championships, and the culmination of the 2016 national quidditch season.

This form must be completed by any player interested in participating at QUAFL in 2016. Players must be registered by 11:59pm on the 14th of November.

Feel free to contact with any questions, queries, or concerns.

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Quidditch Australia Strategic Plan and Mid-year Update

Quidditch Australia’s mid-year update

Going into the second half of the year, Quidditch Australia would like to acknowledge all the work done so far in 2016. Quidditch Australia is immensely proud of everything completed up until now and are incredibly excited to see the sport, community, and organisation continue to grow. Record membership rates, affiliated teams, and participation levels have been achieved amid a great number of successful events held in 2016. The months and years to come bring forward many opportunities for sustained growth and expansion. In this update, Quidditch Australia looks at the things accomplished in 2016 along with including half-yearly treasurer and gameplay reports.

QAI Mid-Year Update – Download here


Quidditch Australia Strategic Plan 2017-2019

Quidditch Australia has grown rapidly over the last 5 years, with our most recent national tournament hosting 19 teams from 5 states. Our national team, the Australian Dropbears, became the first team to defeat the United States and take out the 2016 IQA Quidditch World Cup. With close to 600 players, and rapidly rising, QAI is looking to create a strategic plan to guide the nation through this expansion.

Quidditch Australia are looking for community consultation on a variety of topics to help mold the vision and direction of the strategic plan for the next 3 years.

Quidditch Australia Strategic Plan Questionnaire


Expression of Interest for Appointed Board Positions for Quidditch Australia

Quidditch Australia like to open expressions of interest (EOIs) for appointment to the board of directors.

According to the Constitution, up to two directors may be appointed by the board. Appointed directors are chosen to provide input on to the board in areas where the current board directors feel it is lacking. As such, successful directors will be chosen based on the attributes, skills and experiences that they can offer to the board and the wider Quidditch community.

It should be noted that the current board need not appoint directors from those submitting EOIs, nor need they appoint directors at all. However, these EOIs will provide the board with some insights as to who is interested and what they can bring to the table.

With this, we would like to open EOIs for these appointed board positions. EOIs will be accepted until the 8th of April. Applicants may send in a one page cover letter and a two page resume. Applicants should address their skills and experiences within their EOIs, as well as any board portfolios they might wish to hold.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any member of the board.

Please email all EOI’s to

Expression of Interest for Appointed Board Positions for Quidditch Australia

Call For Nominations

It’s election season again.

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