Internal Leagues Resume: USQL and USCQL

Australia fields two internal club leagues – the University of Sunshine Coast Quidditch League (USCQL) which has been running for many years now, and the University of Sydney Quidditch League (USQL), which has been running since last year.

Both enter 2018 significantly changed, and have started off their respective seasons with one round a piece. We recap below:

The USC Quidditch League

After running for almost five years without changing teams, USC finally saw fit to change things up, reshuffling their four teams – Phoenix, Nargles, Thestrals, and Death Eaters, for the first time since the league’s inception. This was broadly seen as a good change, as it’s allowed the league to re-balance teams, stop some teams becoming over dominant, and make the whole competition more fun and a better learning experience for everyone, which is typically the main aim of such development focused internal leagues. read more

The One-Arm Wrap – USQL Round One

The University of Sydney Quidditch League had their first competitive round recently, with USyd players new and old mixed onto five different teams. One of those new players, Darryl Yip, gave QA Today a quick rundown of the day’s play.

The 5th of May saw the first round of official USQL Competition. The first match of the day saw a
very close game where Veela and Werewolves went head to head, each one matching
another with goals. Veela eventually pulled ahead with 10 points and secured the snitch for a
140* – 100 win.

The second match saw the Aurors take on the Cursebreakers. It was an intense and close
matched game where the Cursebreakers pulled ahead by 30 points, before an amazing
snitch catch brought the match to overtime. In the end, the Cursebreakers scored another 30
points before securing the snitch to win the match.

The Werewolves took on the Aurors after lunch, with a relatively slow-paced match. The
score was 80-40 before the snitch was on pitch, and a flurry of quick goals scored by the
Werewolves brought the scoreline out to 110-40, before the snitch was caught by the
Werewolves, concluding the match at 140* – 40.

Our intrepid reporter was not there for the final game of the day, which was a close 90-80* win to the Cursebreakers.

May USQL results

Around the Grounds: Internal Leagues

For our sport to grow, we need new players to feel welcome even in a competitive atmosphere. QA Today looks at Internal Leagues at the University of Sunshine Coast and the University of Sydney - is this the best way to bring new players in? With USQL's first games over the weekend, QA Today caught up with USyd to see how their newer players fared.