Gender in Quidditch

Interview with Courtney Buckley: Head of the Gender Engagement Committee

In this interview, we talk to Courtney Buckley, previously of USYD Unspeakables and now of Valkyries Quidditch Club, who was recently appointed head of Quidditch Australia’s new Gender Engagement and Initiatives Committee, as announced earlier last month. With many plans already in the works for 2019, we talk about what we can expect from the committee this year, and what she’s most excited for.

Courtney chasing for the NSW Blue Tongues at State Shield last year | Photo: Taylor Angelo Quidditch Shots

What made you want to take part in the Gender Engagement Committee?

I was keen to join the committee as it provided the opportunity to work with a group of passionate and intelligent people and the ability to pursue more projects for the community. read more

QA Statement: Gender in Quidditch

Quidditch Australia makes a statement regarding a recent controversy surrounding one of the Gender in Quidditch pieces published recently.

Gender in Quidditch: “Why Being The Most Inclusive Sport in the World Takes More than a Gender Rule”

An anonymous contribution to the Gender in Quidditch discussion, talking about coming out as a non-binary player and how inclusive we really are as a sport.

Gender in Quidditch: “Women on the Australian Team, 2016-2018”

Sophie Fitch talks about her experience watching the Dropbears, looking at the 2016 and 2018 squads and how women were treated and used on the field.

Gender in Quidditch: “Non-Binary Matters: Why We Need to Keep Quidditch Gender Diverse”

Tegan Diep explores how important it is for non-binary people to live their truth in Quidditch, and why we should keep it that way.

Gender in Quidditch: “Non-male is non-progressive”

Ana Barciela looks at the experience of women in Quidditch, speaking to how Quidditch sometimes seems to be a two-gender sport: male, and non-male.