Quidditch Australia is a not for profit organisation formed in 2011 following the success of the inaugural QUAFL Cup. We are committed to facilitating all quidditch related activities, be they recreational or competitive. Now nearly 8 years on, the community in Australia is thriving with new teams ever year, various leagues and heights of athleticism.

Quidditch is inspired by JK Rowling’s best selling Harry Potter series and was adapted by the students of Vermont’s Middlebury College in 2005. While there are no flying bludgers or levitating broomsticks, the allure of a new athletic challenge has nonetheless attracted teams worldwide.

If you are interested in learning more about the rules, click here.

What we do?

We host two events a year; an interstate representative competition where state teams compete for the State Shield; and the QUAFL Cup, our multi-day national championships where club teams come from across the country. There are also regular leagues run by the New South Wales, Victorian, Queensland, Western Australian state bodies amongst numerous open game and social events.

We also provide a whole host of services including referee and snitch mentorship and certification, event sanctioning, insurance cover for our members, grants for team improvement as well as appearances at various Supanovas and conventions to further the exposure of quidditch in Australia.

Our Mission

  • To facilitate the growth of quidditch in Australia through discussion as well as athletic and social events
  • To work towards official recognition from the Australian Sports Commission and Tertiary Sports Australia
  • To facilitate and support people of all ages in participating in sport in a bid for a healthier lifestyle

Our Vision

  • A minimum of 5 adult teams per state to allow for regular ranked gameplay and to allow for improved skill and growth in Australia
  • An increase of junior (under 17s) teams integrated with High Schools so as to further reach out to a different target market and further facilitate growth; beginning the quidditch influence young to influence and support the need for a healthy, active lifestyle