Dropbears 2020 Leadership Team Announced:

We are excited to finally announce the first members of the Australian National Quidditch Team leadership, who will help organise, prepare, run, and lead the Dropbears to the 2020 Quidditch World Cup in Richmond, USA.

Paul Harrison has been selected as the Head Coach of the Dropbears for 2020. Originally of the University of Sydney Quidditch Club (Unspeakables) and then Macquarie University Quidditch Club, Paul has served as Head Coach of both of these teams, and now is playing his eight season with the Sydney City Serpents. Last year, Paul coached the NSW State Team to their first gold medal at Quidditch Australia’s State Shield. As Head Coach, Paul will be responsible for the overall strategic vision and on field direction of the Dropbears as they try to reclaim gold at Richmond 2020.

Ruth Creffield has been selected as the Team Manager of the Dropbears for 2020. Playing for the University of the Sunshine Coast Quidditch Club since 2014, Ruth has been involved in her club’s team committee for a number of years as well as being President of the Quidditch Association of Queensland, and playing for the Queensland Thunderbirds. As Team Manager, Ruth will be responsible for off field direction of the Australian Dropbears, including the planning of the trip to Richmond for the World Cup, looking after the administrative side of the team and facilitating a focus on team unity and player wellbeing.

Emma Luxford has been selected as the Assistant Manager of the Dropbears for 2020. She has been involved in the sport for almost eight years as a player and non playing member of the community with Blackburn Basilisks and more recently Melbourne Ravens Quidditch Clubs, and has over 25 years experience competing in and organising gymnastics. Em’s extensive experience with large scale professional sporting organisation will be a great asset in her responsibility for assisting Ruth in the off field direction and management of the Australian Dropbears.

Luke Derrick has been selected as an Assistant Coach of the Dropbears for 2020. He is currently in his eight year playing as a beater and keeper, having started out at the University of Sydney Quidditch Club and now playing for the Sydney City Serpents. Luke has been a coach and captain for both teams as well as playing for and captaining the NSW State Team. Luke has additionally been playing for the Dropbears in all of their international forays since 2014, being part of the World Cup winning squad in 2016, and Lead Beater Player in 2018. Luke will be responsible for assisting Paul in running training camps, and helping the Dropbears improve at the individual level and as a cohesive team.

Luke and Paul will both also serve as Selectors for the Dropbears squad. The rest of the selection panel will be announced tomorrow.