New Concussion and Injury Protocols for Quidditch Australia Sanctioned Games

Please be aware that as of today, the 15th of July 2019, Quidditch Australia is observing new Injury and Concussion Protocols, developed to increase player safety and in response to recent research surrounding brain injuries in contact sports.

Original Photo Credit: Dammia Brosnan

The Concussion Policy stipulates that concussions are brain injuries that occur from knocks to the head or other parts of the body that may or may not result in a loss of consciousness.

Injury policies state that the Head Referee of a game holds duty of care, and should a referee team or medical team witness a potential concussion, the player concerned should be removed from play and tested with the SCAT5 Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool. Players exhibiting signs of concussion will not be allowed to resume playing, act as a speaking captain, or referee for the remainder of the day, and Quidditch Australia recommends 12 days before a return to play, in line with Rugby Australia’s concussion policies.

Concussions that are ignored can be fatal. Players exhibiting signs of concussion should be referred to a hospital emergency department and further rules and recommendations regarding returning to play may be found within the policy document, including a Return To Play form that must be completed.

The Injury Policy stipulates the responsibilities and duties of care of all players, referees, medical teams, and tournament directors with regards to injuries and injury management.

Is it important that all teams, players, and officials understand these policies, and that they are implemented at all Quidditch Australia sanctioned games henceforth.

Quidditch Australia would like to thank Nic Radoll for his assistance and expertise in drafting these policies.

The Policy Documents may be found below or at