North Sydney Nightmares – An Introductory Interview

In this interview, we talk to Harry Jones, one of the founders of the newly formed North Sydney based Nightmares Quidditch Club, about how the team started, what the year holds in store for them, and who some of their brand new players are.

Beater Harry Jones (right), previously of USYD Unspeakables, now captain and president of the North Sydney Nightmares | Photo Credit: Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography

What is your role/relationship with the team?

I am the president, captain, and founder. The relationship is very parasitic. Please help.

How did the idea for the Nightmares come about?

Originally it was an idea meant for the 2018 season, involving a quite different group of players who were all close to ready for a new community team. Most players wanted another year with their original teams and so we decided to leave it a year. People dropped off and on the band wagon throughout 2018 and early 2019, and I realised that someone needed to commit to the idea or it wouldn’t happen. Then about 6 months too late I decided to do just that…

Where are the Nightmares mostly coming from?

A motley crew of players from Newcastle, UTS, and USYD. A bunch of small peeps with tall attitudes.

Beater Clare Brauer, originally of UTS Opaleyes. The Nightmares are sporting USYD’s USQL Werewolves jerseys until their own arrive | Photo: Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography

What do you think the vibe of the team is going to be this year?

We want to focus on building a supportive community that encourages everyone to put themselves into the game. Be ready for us to be working our butts off, while laughing a lil bit, smiling a lot.

How did you come up with the ideas for the team’s name/branding? Was anything left on the drawing board?

Mostly I just didn’t want to be the Nifflers (soz USC). Nightmares stuck because it was a good way of marketing what playing on a team with us is like. I originally wanted to go with a really camp advertising campaign including player profiles with everyone terribly dressed up as famous horror villains. Eventually I realised that nobody wants that. Nobody deserves that punishment.

The North Sydney Nightmares logo

What are your hopes for the team this year? Competitive aspirations?

I hope that we find cohesion as a team. Our mantra is that a teams success is not victory, but that victory comes with a teams success. With that being said, we like winning, and we want to win games of quidball. Aspirations to be competitive.

What are you most excited for this year?

I love the challenge of working with new teammates. I am really excited to start constructing how we play the game together. QNSW is a new battlefield with a bunch of teams really close to each other in ability, I’m excited to see how each of those teams pan out.

What challenges have you had in setting up the new team? How have you overcome them? How much preparation did setting up a new community team take?

It’s tricky to get people to commit, especially coming from a not yet formed team and it feels like pressuring people to chase them up on their involvement. The team is only here because of those who committed early and helped recruit, train, and build a team atmosphere. It didn’t take that much effort to set up a team, and I did most of the organisational stuff myself. My tip is to badger QNSW and QA spokespeople like AJ for help and guidance in the reg.

Sange Lachmaiya (right) is a new player to the Nightmares and the sport, hailing from dodgeball | Photo: Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography

Who are the up and coming stars that we should be watching out for on your team?

We (currently) have two players new to the game! David Cumming has been with us from the beginning, and shows really good aptitude and commitment to the game. Sange Lachmaiya (of dodgeball fame) is a recent addition and she is ready to kick some booty, watch out for pump fakes and her obsession with eating blue tack!

Best / Funniest / Most nonsense story to come out of a training/social so far?

I already said Sange eats blue tack, wild. We also don’t encourage people to come to any social events, or they’ll fall victim to some of Harry’s patented primary-school designed ice-breakers. (They’re really fun guys)

You can follow the Nightmares on their facebook page