This week we start our Team Analysis series, brought to you by the James Hosford and the state teams. Read carefully, because you’ll need all the relevant info for an exciting surprise coming in just a few days.

We start off with the NSW Blue Tongues A!

Mighty New South Wales! A state unquestionably at the heart of the Australian quidditch. And yet, without a state championship title. Can that change this time?

There is a continuity to the Blue Tongues’ squad between 2017 and 2018 which should serve it well. Athletic chaser superstars like Newton, Frison, Hague, Chittenden and Connell return, as do beaters like Derrick, Astalosh and Rennie who have helped with the state’s traditional bludging strength. Legends of the game like Andrew Culf and Dameon Osborn were not in Brisbane last year but were in Italy as Dropbears in 2018 alongside many of their team-mates and, crucially, key opponents. They all come together in 2018.

Though, if it is so much of the same old team, why will the result be different this time? That is the big question many in the State are asking, raising questions of selection decisions and how these undoubtedly talented individuals can truly gel as a team. They are questions that plagued the unsuccessful 2016 and 2017 campaigns equally.

There is great new talent however. The game moves so fast: it is amazing to realise that this will be the NSW debut of established domestic club stars like Harrison Jones, Alex Cunningham, Max Brenner, Jono O’Brien and Geoffrey Talbott.

Names like that have not replaced the best of last year, they have further supplemented what now looks like the deepest talent pool in the competition. Will that depth be the key to victory?


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