QUAFL 2017 Team Registration and Timeline

Registration is now open for any team that wishes to compete at QUAFL: Australian Quidditch Championships 2017.

Simply fill out this form by October 1st.

Any team wishing to compete must be a registered and paid QA member team. There are also a number of additional requirements including minimum certification of team referees and minimum game requirements. A full explanation of all requirements can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you in Canberra.


The timeline for registration will be as follows:

4th September       Team Registration Opens
1st October             Team Registration Closes
All teams must be registered and fully paid members by this date
2nd October           Player Registration Opens
23rd October         Deadline for application for exemption from any QA QUAFL requirement
1st November        Social Tickets go on sale
6th November       Player Registration Closes
All players must be registered  and fully paid members by this date
17th November     Team Rosters must be submitted
Referee Requirements must be met
All QUAFL requirements must be met by November 17th unless specified as earlier.

Questions and comments can be sent to quafl@quidditch.org.au.