Team Registration now open for QUAFL 2016

Registration is now open for QUAFL 2016, the Australian Quidditch Championships. Hosted at the Australian Institute of Sport, QUAFL is Quidditch Australia’s premier event, serving as Australia’s national championships, and the culmination of the 2016 national quidditch season.

This form must be completed by any team interested in participating at QUAFL in 2016. Teams must be registered by 11:59pm on the 30th of September.

Feel free to contact with any questions, queries, or concerns.

  • Teams will consist of up to 21 players. Any team with less than 12 players may not be accepted into QUAFL at the discretion of Quidditch Australia. Teams with minimal players not only increase the chance of injury to their players, but may disrupt the integrity of the tournament.


  • All teams must have participated in at least 5 games in 2016 sanctioned by Quidditch Australia. Exemptions may be provided for teams who are restricted geographically, where there are fewer than 3 QAI registered teams in their state.


  • All players must have participated in at least 3 games in 2016 sanctioned by Quidditch Australia. Exemptions may be provided for players who are restricted geographically and for extenuating circumstances.


  • A team must be a registered Quidditch Australia Team to participate in QUAFL. Registration must be complete and the $150 registration fee for 2016 paid by October 31st.


  • All players must be registered Quidditch Australia Members to participate in the tournament. Registration must be complete by October 31st.


  • For a team to be eligible for QUAFL, no fewer than four individuals combined who are associated with the team must meet the following standards in the International Referee Development Program testing system:
    • Three individuals must pass the Assistant Referee test
    • Two individuals must pass the Snitch Referee test.
    • One individual must pass the Head Referee written test.