QUAFL 2016 Bid Package

After much anticipation, here is the 2016 QUAFL bid package for this year’s premier Australian quidditch tournament!

The Australian Quidditch Association will host the sixth annual QUAFL Cup on one of either the last weekend of November or the first weekend of December 2016. The tournament is the AQA’s premier event, serving as Australia’s national championships, and the culmination of the 2016 national quidditch season. It is predicted that a minimum of twenty teams and three hundred attendees will be competing at the 2016 QUAFL Cup, with member teams travelling from all across the country.

Any team, state, local council or city are welcome to apply to host the QUAFL tournament later this year. Your application should be in the form of a Microsoft Word Document or PDF document and emailed to president at quidditch.org.au by 5pm, March 3rd 2016.

We look forward to expanding on last year’s fantastic QUAFL tournament and providing another thrilling weekend of highly competitive quidditch!

Direct URL link – https://www.dropbox.com/s/9hoar9j2k9t7isn/QUAFL%202016%20Bid%20Package.pdf?dl=0

Video: QUAFL 2015 Grand Final

QuidCamp 2016

Coming up this February, QuidCamp is the Australian Quidditch Association’s annual quidditch camp where knowledge and strategy are shared, referees are tested and friendships renewed. QuidCamp consists of seminars and workshops run by our most experienced players, a one-day “fantasy” tournament to apply and practice new-found knowledge, a social function, sleepover and the usual quidkid craziness.

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Call For Nominations

It’s election season again.

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Quidditch at UniBattle 2015


This year quidditch will be a part of the Australian University Sports UniGames, UniBattle 2015. The Australian Quidditch Association, headed by Eva Alexandra and Hannah Monty have been working with the Australian University Sports to create the facilities for quidditch to be played at UniBattle for the first time ever, a huge step forward in establishing quidditch into the mainstream sporting community.

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